Use BxRecords to meet and greet others like yourself in your area, share ideas, create events and have fun.

Our site maintains a friendly and prosperous environment, so if you see something that is posted on the site don't be afraid to leave a comment on the owners page. All of our competitions, battles and contests are held to highlight or strengthen our member’s skills and abilities and are kept in the tone of general fun. There are plenty of features to entertain you, inform you and keep you up to date about what’s going on in your community as well as its underground music scene.

One of the first things you should do as a member is build your profile. Use the profile questions and other features to build a press kit of who you are so others will get to know you. Next, venture off and make friends, network and have fun.

Below are special features of our site.

Forums & Polls – Throughout the site there will be questions designed to pulls your thoughts and lets you take a glance at what others around you think. Most likely there is no right or wrong answers, only opinions.

Contests – Feel free to participate in our contests as they come up. We will try to spread our contests through out every distinction of art. It should be fun and all the results are posted for others to enjoy.

Trinkets We have a trinkets page where you can get banners/graphics/ to post on your friends’ pages or anywhere on the web.

Arcade Take a breather in our arcade section. We have games geared toward your skills and specialized to your borough.

Photo Album You have a photo album available where you can post casual pics of you hanging with friends, socializing around town or performing your craft. Each album you create can be made public or held for private use.

Radio On the site we have various radio shows that span from Hip Hop to Funk to Rock. They’re aimed at spreading the music of artists from our community as well as mainstream music we enjoy. Greet the hosts send shoutouts and become a member of anyone of these radio programs.

JukeBox This feature allows you to easily scroll through the songs on the site and add a song to your profile. This is a great way to show each other appreciation for their work.

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Young Yahty

Here is what he saidContinue

Tags: pac, 2, biggie

Started by The Alliance in Music May 3, 2017.

Have You Heard #trendingtopic #thevault By #producer @ganstamarcus

Gansta Marcus "Slick Rick" album was released due to the producer clearing out old projects thats was never released.…Continue

Tags: #Mixtape, #slickrick, #outnow, #TheVault, @ganstamarcus

Started by Jerome in General Feb 6, 2017.

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